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"With The Golden Apple: Changing the Structure of Civilization, author Edgar Ridley offers readers an extended look at the need for mankind to abandon its historical dependence on destructive symbols and the shackles of symbolic thinking once and for all in favor of the liberating Symptomatic Thought Process. The focus of The Golden Apple: Changing the Structure of Civilization is a contribution and celebration of the passion he feels for the positive benefits of the Symptomatic Thought Process as perhaps the last hope for mankind of reversing the destructive historical trends of a civilization with symbolic thinking as its DNA."
—Ronald R. Sims, Ph.D., Floyd Dewey Gottwald Senior Professor, Mason School of Business, College of William and Mary

"Having spent the better part of the past four decades in the medical profession I found the messaging in this book to be powerful and broadly applicable to not only the practice of medicine but also the myriad of other professions that comprise society. I encourage the readers of this book to carefully take the thoughts proposed herein and apply them broadly to their life practices."
—Domenic A. Sica, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, Virginia Commonwealth University

In praise of An African Answer: The Key to Global Productivity, also by Edgar J. Ridley

“It is a great book.”
—W. Edwards Deming

“Symptomatic thinking may well be the answer to the world’s problems.”
—Eric Watkins, African Business Magazine

The Golden Apple: Changing the Structure of Civilization

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  • Edgar J. Ridley


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