The Gold Elephant is a true story about a man, a serious man, a ladies’ man, a businessman, a real man’s man—the man. Take a ride through the fast-paced streets of America. This legendary timepiece defines the true meaning of from nothing to something, taking place during the most volatile period in American History, a true rags-to-riches story about loyalty, respect, and hard work.


Journey through the streets of the world’s capital, Washington, DC, through the eyes of a man with wisdom, strength, vision, and determination, a natural-born leader. He reached the highest heights of the underworld and many political circles, a man that turned one hundred dollars into millions.


There have been many articles, blogs, and documentaries trying to tell his story but can’t come close to this, the true untold story of Michael “Fray” Salters. More than a legend, a man like no other whose morals and integrity would not allow him to break the rules, the ten laws of life. A man who gained respect of gangsters and formed personal friendships with an R&B Legend and a first-round number two NBA draft pick. He had friendships and business relationships with top politicians in the city, and not just those in Washington, DC, but also in Miami, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York City, Buffalo (New York), California, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas casinos. There was only one and there will never be another. The Gold Elephant.

The Gold Elephant

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  • Michael Salters, Maurice Salters


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