The primary focus of this book is on the life, message, and journey of BC's preeminent leader, Steve Biko, who led the radical movement along with his colleagues to empower his people and encourage the nation to seek and possess truer humanity. His message takes center stage while his life takes several unexpected turns as the system hunts him down.


However, the most controversial yet surprising component of this work would be the comparison of Biko's life and death with Jesus's life and death at Calvary-from the cradle to the grave. Though Biko was not necessarily a professed Christian, his life's work and message make chilling parallels to the life of Jesus Christ, which are captured here. This book is bound to awaken the soul and mind of the reader as they become raptured in the intersectionality of race, justice, and faith.

Steve Biko: The Radical Gospel of Black Consciousness

SKU: 9781646543557
  • Traci D. Wyatt (Author)


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