My Fun Swahili Numbers Nambari book is an English Swahili counting book designed to teach Swahili numbers to beginners. The book has English-Swahili translation making it easy and fun for the English speaker to follow and understand. New Swahili learners will learn how to count and read any numbers in Swahili with ease after using this book. This book has bright images for the younger readers but also covers advanced numbers for older kids. The book has practical examples and suggestions for parents on how to go about teaching their kids Swahili numbers.The book is user user friendly and an easy read for kids. After reading this book kids will be excited and motivated to learn Swahili numbers and to start learning Swahili. The best way to learn a new language is to start by learning numbers. Parents can use this book to introduce Swahili to their kids and get them excited about learning Swahili when they see how easy it is to learn numbers.

My Fun Swahili Book of Numbers Nambari: An English Swahili Counting Book

SKU: 9781734928914
  • Salmoe Thuo (Author) , Andrew Ngure, (Author) , Matthew Ngure (Author)


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