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Unforgettable hacks to sharpen your memory

What if you could remember every important chapter of a book for your next test? Or easily recall the due dates of all your important assignments? Or remember to pick up the milk on your way home? Mastering Memory gives you 75 easy and effective memory hacks for success at school, work, and life at large.

Memory athlete and coach, Brad Zupp arms you with powerful techniques to boost brain power in practical situations where and when it matters most. With simple and straightforward instructions and steps, this book proves that you don't need to be a super hero to have a super powerful memory.

Inside Mastering Memory, you'll find: 

  • 75 memory techniques-Build memory skills with the most comprehensive collection of effective and easy-to-follow exercises.
  • Practical applications-Choose the memory hack most useful to you for improving your performance at school, work, and in your day-to-day life.
  • Clear benefits-Know the benefits of every technique you master with clearly marked end goals like "Remember if you unplugged..."

No one is born with a perfect memory-but everyone can learn the techniques for memory mastery. You won't forget this book.


Mastering Memory: 75 Memory Hacks for Success in School, Work, and Life

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  • Brad Zupp


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