Winner of the inaugural Kimbilio National Fiction Prize.

“This story is both timely and well executed. We rarely see the private side of the devastating aftermath of police / vigilante / help-seeking and shot-related deaths that this writer describes here in such a suspenseful and nuanced manner. This is the kind of book that might encourage and inspire in-depth conversations and discussions and help readers think more deeply about a subject they might have mistakenly thought they knew all about.” ―Edwidge Danticat, judge of the inaugural Kimbilio National Fiction Prize


Hatter’s artful, moving novel looks closely at the murder of a young black woman and her family’s devastation. Old―and new―questions about race and civil rights in 21st Century America arise alongside the unfolding story of Malawi and those who live in the wake of her loss.

Malawi's Sisters

SKU: 9781945588303
  • Melanie S. Hatter


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