“A wide-ranging collection from the beloved but besieged Caribbean island,” from a lineup of authors including two National Book Award finalists (Kirkus Reviews).
“The Haitian-born Danticat has brought her country’s literature back into the world of English-speakers. Filled with delights and surprises, Haiti Noir, taken as a whole, provides a profound portrait of the country, from its crises to its triumphs, from the tiny bouks of the countryside to the shanties of the sprawling bidonvilles. Danticat herself has a lovely story in the collection, and permits two distinguished foreign writers on Haiti, Madison Smartt Bell and Mark Kurlansky, to slide in there among all the brilliant Haitians.” —Daily Beast
Brand-new stories by Edwidge Danticat, Rodney Saint-Éloi, Madison Smartt Bell, Gary Victor, M.J. Fievre, Mark Kurlansky, Marvin Victor, Josaphat-Robert Large, Marie Lily Cerat, Yanick Lahens, Louis-Philippe Dalembert, Kettly Mars, Marie Ketsia Theodore-Pharel, Evelyne Trouillot, Katia D. Ulysse, Ibi Aanu Zoboi, Nadine Pinede, and Patrick Sylvain.
“This anthology will give American readers a complex and nuanced portrait of the real Haiti not seen on the evening news and introduce them to some original and wonderful writers.” —Library Journal
“A collection possessing classic noir elements—crimes and criminals and evil deeds only sometimes punished—but also something else, perhaps uniquely Haitian too.” —Los Angeles Times

Haiti Noir ( Akashic Noir )

  • Danticat, Edwidge (Editor), Bell, Madison Smartt (Contribution by), Cerat, Marie Lily (Contribution by), Dalembert, Louis-Philippe (Contribution by), Saint-Éloi, Rodney (Contribution by), Fievre, M J (Contribution by), Kurlansky, Mark (Contribution by), Lahens, Yanick (Contribution by), Large, Josaphat-Robert (Contribution by), Mars, Kettly (Continued by), Pinede, Nadine (Contribution by), Sylvain, Patrick (Contribution by), Theodore-Pharel, Marie Ketsia (Contribution by), Trouillot, Evelyne (Contribution by), Ulysse, Katia D (Contribution by), Victor, Gary (Contribution by), Victor, Marvin (Contribution by), Zoboi, Ibi Aanu (Contribution


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