“From Revelations” is a work derived from author Sefu T. Fatiu. It is an exploration of the human condition, whilst in a state of confinement, that ranges from the exasperation that comes with a seemingly endless internal conflict that can only end with a full dismantling of one’s comprehension of reality, which must happen in order to reinstate the being into the human cognition; but also, the human need for love, the ability to understand and express those phenomena, and in turn receive it. In this third installment, Sefu gives a personal account of life experience by one who has become aware of the processes we seldom hear about, often experience first-hand, and rarely fully comprehend. He does so by paying homage to author Michelle Alexander’s groundbreaking and culture-shifting book, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.”“Prisoner of the New Jim Crow” touches every vestige of systemic discrimination and criminalization of race, gender, and economic station but from a first-hand perspective that is raw, interpersonal, and provocative as Sefu processes his own responses to the world he was born into while simultaneously active in his pursuit of solutions that challenge all of us to dismantle a centuries-old system of dehumanization. This treatment has been a long-time coming voice of the voiceless who’ve echoed these sentiments for generations, and now that you’ve finally been exposed to our shame, what will you do?

From Revelations, Vol. III: Prisoner of the New Jim Crow

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  • Prechelle S. Shannon

  • Sefu Thabiti Fatiu


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