Raised in the streets of Sati-Baa, Omari Ket is a man that gets by on his wits and skills . . . and the attentions of a god. Eda Blessed shares the tales of the man and the mercenary as he roams the roads of Ki Khanga bouncing from one adventure to another surviving with his skills, wits, and Eda's blessings.


Eda Blessed contains seven stories that chronicles Omari's life, in addition to illustrations by some of today's best fantasy artists. It's a must read for fans of Ki Khanga and a great edition to your sword and sorcery and sword and soul library

Eda Blessed: A Ki Khanga Adventure Paperback – Illustrated,

  • Davis, Milton J (Author), Syme, Bryan (Artist), Weaver, Stanley (Artist)


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