Bold. Black.Beautiful. is a coloring book that expresses the importance of women from the African American community in our society.

With modern-day fighting back against the racism in our world, it is important to remember the remarkable women who started the revolution.


Throughout the workbook, you will be given the chance to incorporate yourself into the lives of these iconic women. Each extraordinary art piece will allow you to use your artistic skills to color along, as well as a story about the heroine in the drawing.


This educational coloring book includes 25 historic African American women and their achievements, including:


  • Althea Gibson - A famous tennis player in 1956.
  • Alma Woodsey Thomas - A professional painter in the 1900s.
  • Alice Augusta Ball - A chemist in the early 20th century, who founded the most effective treatment for leprosy.
  • Alice Dunnigan - Gained the achievement of the first black White House reporter.
  • Anne Raven Wilkinson - First African American for a major ballet contest in 1955.
  • Augusta Savage - American sculptor, associated with the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Bessie Coleman - First African American woman to hold a pilot's license.
  • Ella Fitzgerald - A talented jazz singer in the 1900s.

Bold. Black. Beautiful: Exceptional Women in Black History.

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  • Jacky Andrews


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